Live Q+A Replay | How Soon After Getting Out of Student Loan Default Can I Buy A Home?

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Topics covered in this Q+A:

00:43 How soon after I get out of student loan default can I buy a house?
01:37 Recapping Biden’s $1 billion in student loan forgiveness
04:11 How to apply for the Borrower Defense to Repayment Program
05:31 Watch out for student loan forgiveness scams
07:51 How difficult in getting settled student loans removed from your credit report
08:42 Does Navient report derogatory remove late payments from credit reports?
09:27 How long does it take to get a response for a BDR application?
10:25 No loan forgiveness just. because you’re elderly
10:58 Can I get loan forgiveness because I went to ITT Tech?
12:20 Can I get Public Service Loan Forgiveness after I stop working for the government or a nonprofit?
13:18 Self–employment and certifying income for IBR
16:10 Lexington Law and credit removal success
17:18 Unemployment, student loan payments, rising interest, and credit reporting issues
20:17 Loan forgiveness under Income Based Repayment Plan and nonconsecutive payments
24:09 Can’t afford my student loan payments because my income is high
26:37 Gwen’s question
29:56 How to file a student loan complaint using FSA Feedback Center
30:52 How to clear CAIVRS when you can’t consolidate or rehabilitate
33:13 Does the statute of limitations change if you move to a different state

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