High School vs. College Sports: The Major Differences

What does life after high schools sports look like for those that want to continue to play in college? How are college sports different than high school sports? Our recruiting experts discuss the key differences.

1:08 Show Outline
1:55 High school vs. college sports
2:54 Training is more intense
5:10 Everyone is talented
7:38 Time management is a must
11:21 Your coach is more involved in academics
13:57 There can be some major perks
17:18 Summary
18:46 Live Q&A
19:00 COVID cost us a high school season, we only played club. How will that affect recruiting?
21:52 What is the difference between a prep school and D3 and NAIA?
24:06 Is Ivy League out of the question for a 2021 baseball player with exceptional grades and abilities?
26:40 As a 2023 quarterback, are showcase events worth the money?
30:31 How do you even know what caches are attending a showcase?
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Source: NCSA Next College Student Athlete